Employment Law - Concord, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is an "at will" state regarding employment. What this means for employees is that they essentially have only the right to be paid for the work they perform, but there are no rights concerning continued employment. This having been said, there are a number of other laws that do affect employment such as those concerning discrimination as well as violations of ERISA. Understanding that just because you are not protected necessary by employment rights does not mean you are not protected under another statute is our job.

Elizabeth B. Olcott is an attorney with over twenty years of experience specializing in employment law as well as many other regards. Her work within the corporate sector lends to her ability to assist employees with disputes. Although there is no magic cure for any circumstance, she works hard to find answers that work well for everyone and provide the best end result possible under the conditions. This means that she will be aggressive as necessary but is understanding of the many moving parts in any employment case.

The Approach

Very down to earth in her approach and able to view the situation from the many perspectives equally, she is determined to work hard for her clients in helping them sort through the details of the case. Through her determination and understanding of the many details affecting any employment law case she is able to work to an end result that will benefit her client in any way that is legally possible. Her comprehension of how such things as American's with Disabilities ties into the overall employment practices and how it is easy to have a misunderstanding with an employer causing a termination helps her to aid her clients in the best way possible.

Elizabeth B. Olcott has only one goal as attorney at law; to provide people with the best protection and representation possible in an affordable and informative manner. She will listen to your issue carefully and use the information provided to help provide you with feedback and a potential plan of action to help you find the best results possible.

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